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Happyhempy is a sustainable and responsible fashion brand. The products are made of hemp - the strongest, healthiest, and most environmentally friendly natural fiber on Earth. Our collection consists of handmade products of high quality. They are designed and sewn with love and passion by the hands of the founders of this brand at the time, in a small tailor's studio in the Netherlands.


''what we believe in, we create; what we create, we live''


About us


Our attitudes and values are reflected in everything we create. Our work expresses our feelings, our attitude towards maintaining permanent values and returning to all things natural. We maintain our unique workmanship, use top-quality materials in the production, and continuously improve our technologies. We specialize in the manufacture of bottom parts of clothing, placing great emphasis on high quality as opposed to quantity. We combine quality, precise hand-finish of individual products and our attention to detail to produce clothing that always delivers certain unique features. Each piece of clothing has its own story, which forms a unique bond between the manufacturer and customers based on shared values recognized by Happyhempy: Eco-Fair & Cruelty-Free.


Social responsibility


We are conscious of the massive negative environmental footprint of the textile industry. We are currently witnessing the reckless wasting of natural resources and valuable human potential worldwide. The lifestyle and consumerist outlook promoted by fashion giants is detrimental to us, our planet Earth, our children... Happyhempy presents a unique alternative to mass production, reflecting the justified demand of the society for high-quality clothing. We combine quality, tradition and good taste. Quantity, speed or generating excessive financial benefits regardless of the negative social and environmental impact are not our objectives. Happyhempy operates on a platform combining ecology with essential principles, such as fairness, honesty, and respect for social needs arising from conscious selection.

We should all remember that there is no such a thing as “cheap clothing”. Somebody has to pay for every single piece and the price is sometimes very high. 


Eco. Standards


For all our products, we use 100% hemp fabric made in Europe that meets our three essential criteria:

* Environmental-friendly growing, which means that the hemp is grown without the use of any chemical substances or fertilizers, which makes it 100% organic.

* Environmental-friendly processing means that the hemp is processed with traditional mechanical processing methods such as hot water and air. Hemp fabric processed with biological methods is much finer, more pleasant to touch, holds color very well, lasts longer and has much better quality than hemp fabric processed with chemical methods.

* Also the dyeing and softening are done with environmental-friendly methods. So the dyes used in the manufacture do not contain any heavy metals or toxic substances and they are certified to be ecological.

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